An in-house laboratory and a team of experts in research & development

Research and Development is an essential point at Proneem.


Each year, Proneem invests around 22% of its income in Research and Development. Since 2013, Proneem has its own laboratory of research and development.

Investing in research and development (R&D) yield numerous benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of internal R&D investments in for Proneem :

Innovation: As a company investing in R&D, Proneem is better positioned to innovate and develop new products and processes that stay us competitive. This is particularly important in the biochemical sector, where new discoveries and breakthroughs are constantly being made.

Cost savings: Internal R&D investments can lead to cost savings over the long term. By developing new technologies and processes in-house, we avoid licensing fees and other expenses associated with acquiring outside technology.

Intellectual property : Investing in R&D help Proneem build up our intellectual property portfolio. Patents and other forms of intellectual property are valuable assets.

Sustainability: Sustainable practices are increasingly important to consumers and stakeholders, and internal R&D investments help Proneem develop more sustainable products and processes. This help us reduce our environmental impact and improve our value proposition with customers and consumers.

Better understanding of the market: We gain a better understanding of the market and customer needs. This can help us develop products that better meet customer needs, as well as identify new market opportunities.

Overall, investing in R&D is an ambitious move for companies operating in the biochemical sector. By making internal investments, Proneem reap the benefits of innovation, cost savings, intellectual property development, sustainability, and improved market understanding.


R&D team is working everyday with the goal to find new natural plant-based actives in order to develop solutions with true performance within the fabric. Daily, these research projects are mode according to the principles of sustainable, responsible and remarkable innovation in the field of modern biotechnology.


Each sustainable innovation developed in Proneem”s laboratory is guaranteed by certificates given by certifying bodies and tests executed by institutes or independent laboratories. These various tests, carried out scientifically and respecting the norms, aim to guarantee technology’s efficacy and safety for the consumer assessing innocuousness for the health and environment.

Know-how, quality and control are the key words in Proneem innovations.

Designed to destroy or repel harmful organisms or
render them harmless

Antimicrobial Technologies

To increase the body’s performance of the body and reveal challenges

Performances Technologies

To improve comfort and provide sensory experiences experiences in everyday life

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