When your skin truggling with dry, dull, or lackluster skin, our Silky+ microcapsulation treatment is the perfect solution.

It’s designed to penetrate deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and hydration where it’s needed most. The result is skin that looks and feels silky, radiant, and glowing, no matter what skin type or age. So if you’re looking for a way to enhance your customer natural beauty and achieve silky, radiant, and glowing skin, add our advanced microcapsulation treatment Silky+ to your fabric today and let’s your customer experience the difference with Proneem !

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

SILKY+ acts on the surface and makes the skin more beautiful. It brings softness and silky effect.

Efficient ecotechnology

Benefits from a high performance microencapsulated technology that ensures a long lasting treatment.

Absence of harmful substances

SILKY+ is formulated with a plant-based active ingredient : Aloe Vera

Compliant and responsible

The innocuousness of SILKY+ is validated by dermatological laboratories

Action mechanism

SILKY+ is a unique technology in the beauty industry. Thanks to its formula composed of Aloe vera, a renowned ingredient in beauty products and rich in vitamins and minerals, SILKY+ surrounds the skin with an incredible softness. You can also create your own cream to give it the characteristics you need and want! Repairing, soothing, anti-aging, anti imperfections…

Supports and treatments

SILKY+ technology makes textiles functional by giving them a real power to generate softness and shine.

Various clothes
Bedding items
Pyjamas and loungewear

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