Block bedbugs

Bed bugs are a persistent problem that can cause discomfort, anxiety, and even health issues for your customers.

Bed bugs can infest homes, hotels, and other public spaces, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep or relax in their own space. That’s why it’s essential to have a solution that can anticipate infestation by bed bugs.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

This treatment reduces the risk of infestation by 92% within 15 minutes. Bed bugs are repelled quickly and permanently.

Efficient ecotechnology

Benefiting from a high-performance microencapsulated technology. Validated by the IDEA dermatological laboratory, the BLOCK BEDBUGS® solution has proven its safety.

Absence of harmful substances

Formulated with Eucalyptus Citriodora oil*, BLOCK BEDBUGS® is a bio-based solution that repels bed bugs (Cimex lectularius).

Compliant and responsible

The BLOCK BEDBUGS® solution is a repellent. It meets the criteria for the restriction of the use of insecticides recommended by ANSES and the EGalim law.


The TEC Laboratory has evaluated the behaviour of bed bugs on BLOCK BEDBUGS® fabric. Its permanent action acts on two fundamental levels :

  1. Limits the infestation of bedding and mattresses by bed bugs
  2. Minimises the risk of bites.


This repellent solution offers an extremely high rate of effectiveness.

  • Repulsivity rate : 92%
  • Time to act : 15 minutes

Action mechanism

The BLOCK BEDBUGS® solution converts the treated fabric into a powerful bed bug repellent.

Supports and treatments

The BLOCK BEDBUGS® treatment makes textiles functional by giving them anti-vector and breathable properties. BLOCK BEDBUGS® fabric repels bedbugs for a long time : 100% effectiveness after 15 washes.

Home textiles
Bedding items

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