Scent and Sens​e

If your customer are fan of the sunny, vibrant scents of the French countryside, they’ll love our Provence fragrance treatment.

It’s the perfect way to bring a touch of French sophistication and elegance to their daily routine. Our Proneem microcapsulation technology ensures that the fragrance is released slowly and steadily, giving them a subtle and long-lasting scent that lasts for hours. The scent is perfect for any occasion, whether they are out and about in the city or lounging in the comfort of their own home.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

SCENT & SENSE® is a range of unique fragrances created by master perfumers. This treatment brings a light and continuous scent to the linen.

Efficient ecotechnology

Benefiting from a high performance microencapsulated technology that ensures a long-lasting fragrance.

Absence of harmful substances

SCENT & SENSE® is formulated with certified flower and fruit essential oils.

Compliant and responsible

The innocuousness of SCENT & SENSE® is validated by dermatological laboratories. This treatment is 100% Made in France.

Action mechanism

Scent & Sense® technology delivers the scent of Provence into the laundry to ensure a light and pleasant scent all the time. Scent & Sense® is available in a variety of fragrances designed by our master perfumers.

Supports and treatments

SCENT & SENSE® technology makes textiles functional by giving them a lasting scent.

Various clothes
Bedding items

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