Introducing a revolutionary new treatment for keeping your clothes smelling fresh and clean!

Why should you use our Pure treatment? Well, for starters, it’s an effective way to combat unpleasant odors and keep clothes smelling fresh all day long. Whether your customer are working out, running errands, or spending time with friends, our treatment will help them stay confident and comfortable in any situation.
But that’s not all – Pure treatment also helps to remove dirt and bacteria from your clothes, improving overall hygiene and preventing the buildup of odors over time. This can be particularly beneficial for gym clothes, bedding, and other fabrics that are prone to trapping odors.

Efficient ecotechnology

Thanks to the microencapsulation technology, the PURE® fragrance is protected by a membrane. This dynamic and intelligent technology ensures long-lasting effectiveness that respects the environment.

Absence of harmful substances

The friction opens the capsules which release a light veil of perfume in a prolonged way.

Compliant and responsible

The biosourced PURE® fragrance brings well-being and softness through the scent of cleanliness.

Action mechanism

PURE® technology carries the essence of a clean laundry scent in flower beads. Developed by our Research & Development team to replicate the pure scent of our grandmothers’ original laundry. PURE® offers the natural scent of cleanliness and clean laundry. The PURE® microcapsule attaches itself to the heart of the fibers and is released over a long period of time thanks to microencapsulation.

Supports and treatments

PURE® technology makes textiles functional by adding a clean linen scent to the heart of the fibers.

Various clothes
Bedding items
Pyjamas and loungewear
Sport clothes

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