Eco Duvet​

If your customer own down and feather products like pillows, comforters, or jackets, they know how important it is to keep them clean and fresh.

Our Eco Duvet Solution is a way to keep their down and feather products clean and fresh. Add our advanced microcapsulation Eco Duvet treatment today in your fabrics and offer a pleasant experience for your customers. They will say goodbye to dirt, oils, and odors, and enjoy longer-lasting, fresher products with this innovative and effective down and feather microcapsulation treatment biosourced by Proneem.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

This treatment is based on the recipe of the Marseille soap : a powerful natural detergent

Efficient ecotechnology

Benefits from a high performance microencapsulated technology that ensures a long lasting treatment.

Absence of harmful substances

ECODUVET is a biodegradable treatment that will not leave any chemical residue on the fibres. Its biosourced composition reduces its pollutant charge.

Compliant and responsible

ECODUVET is a 100% French made technology validated by dermatological laboratories

Action mechanism

ECO-DUVET is an efficient effective detergent containing only biodegradable organic substances. This exclusive and innovative process allows to wash and degrease feathers and down efficiently without damaging them.

Supports and treatments

The ECODUVET technology allows to maintain and wash feathers and down.

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