Cool in +

If your customer struggling with hot, sticky, and uncomfortable clothing during the summer months, our microcapsulation treatment Coolin+ is the perfect solution.

It’s designed to provide a cooling effect that can help reduce the temperature of your fabrics by several degrees, making even the hottest days more bearable.
So stop feeling tired of hot, sticky, and uncomfortable clothing by trying our Coolin+ treatment today and let your customer experience the difference !

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

By an endothermic phenomenon, COOL’IN+® crystals lower locally the temperature in contact with humidity up to -3°C.

Efficient ecotechnology

Features high-performance microencapsulated technology that ensures long-lasting effectiveness for up to 10 washes.

Absence of harmful substances

Thanks to the mineral crystals, COOL’IN+® provides textiles with a fresh and optimal comfort temperature in all circumstances.

Compliant and responsible

Responsible and sustainable, the COOL’IN+® solution is safe for humans and the environment.


The COOL IN+® solution reduces the temperature of textiles by 3°C. In the presence of humidity, the reaction of the crystals is instantaneous. Moisture is instantly absorbed and diffused through the fabric. Observed results : overall decrease of 3°C.

Action mechanism

COOL’IN+ ® is a revolutionary process in terms of performance and comfort using innovative phase change materials (PCM). The dynamic COOL’IN+ technology instantly releases coolness, controls humidity and keeps the body at a comfortable temperature.

Supports and treatments

COOL’IN+® technology makes textiles functional by cooling the body temperature.

Various clothes
Bedding items
Sport clothes

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