Using an aphrodisiac treatment is a smart investment in your sexual health and overall well-being.

It can help your customers to overcome common sexual problems, improve mental and emotional health, and enhance relationships. By investing in Aphrodisiak solution, people can enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual life, and a happier and healthier life overall.

Effectiveness or expected / benefit

Tested and approved by our panel, Aphrodisiak® has a unique and pleasant scent conducive to emotions.

Efficient ecotechnology

Features a high-performance microencapsulated technology that ensures prolonged persistence and long-lasting effectiveness.

Absence of harmful substances

Combining natural essential oils of ginger, ylang ylang and cinnamon, the Aphrodisiak® solution is biosourced.


Evaluation of the appreciation of APHRODISIAK® fabric carried out on a targeted panel of 65 people (33 men and 32 women aged 25 to 50)

  • Relaxation feeling : 69%
  • The perfume awakens your senses : 83%
  • An enveloping fragrance of well-being : 71%
  • A pleasant scent : 74%

Action mechanism

APHRODISIAK® releases microcrystals with bewitching and attractive active ingredients. The treatment is composed notably of ginger, ylang ylang and cinnamon. These natural essential oils increase the power of seduction.

Supports and treatments

The Aphrodisiak® treatment makes textiles functional by converting them into sensory amplifiers.

Home textiles
Bedding items
Pyjamas and loungewear

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