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Proneem is the specialist of micro-encapsulation technology. Its first technology : PRONEEM, based on the encapsulation of natural neem oil is patented. This patent has permitted to beget numerous innovative and high-performance range of technologies.

What is microencapsulation ?

By encapsulating active ingredients in tiny particles, we can bring new superpowers to fabrics, enhancing their performance and functionality. Microencapsulation is a process in chemistry where tiny particles of one substance (called the “core”) are encapsulated by a shell made of another substance. The resulting microcapsules are typically less than 1mm in diameter and can be designed to have a specific release profile for the core material.

The process of microencapsulation can be achieved through various techniques, including spray-drying, coacervation, and emulsion-solvent evaporation. During the process, the core material is mixed with the shell material and subjected to specific conditions, such as heat or pressure, to form the microcapsules.

Microencapsulation has a wide range of applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and textiles.

How it is applied on textile ?

At the end of the production, the micro-capsules containing actives are in liquid form. This liquid is applied on textile during the finishing process when the fabric is treated in order to give it various characteristics : color, pattern … or features regarding Proneem technologies. Once the fabric is then treated with the microcapsule solution, either by padding or spraying, and the solvent is evaporated, leaving the microcapsules embedded in the fibers of the fabric. The fabric can be further processed by washing or finishing to improve the durability of the microcapsules.

Provide controlled release

One of the most significant benefits of microencapsulation technology is its ability to provide controlled release. Active ingredients can be released gradually over time, ensuring that the fabric maintains its performance and benefits for longer. For example, moisture-wicking fabric can continue to wick away sweat even after multiple washes, thanks to the encapsulated active ingredients.

Offer targeted benefits

Microencapsulation technology can also be used to provide targeted benefits to specific areas of a garment. For example, a shirt can be designed with moisture-wicking fabric in the armpit area, while the rest of the garment is made from a different fabric. This targeted approach ensures that the garment is both functional and comfortable.

Choose an ecofriendly approach

Microencapsulation technology also allows us to use natural ingredients in textile manufacturing. This environmentally-friendly approach is becoming increasingly important to consumers, who are seeking sustainable products. With microencapsulation technology, we can use natural sources, such as plant extracts, to create functional textiles that are safe for both humans and the environment.

In summary, microencapsulation technology is bringing superpowers to textiles. By providing controlled release, targeted benefits, multiple functions, and natural ingredients, we are revolutionizing the textile industry and creating garments that are both functional and sustainable.


When the fabric endures a friction or rubbing, some micro capsules are going to break and release the actives they contain. Then, these actives are going to give textile the chosen feature : anti-dust mite, refreshing, olfactory … Microcapsules and the actives they contain stay within the weave of the textile until they endure or friction hanks to the innovative process of microencapsulation. The release of active is progressive and consistent.

One example of microencapsulation application in textiles is the use of microcapsules to provide fragrance to fabrics. Fragrance microcapsules can be added to textiles, such as clothing or bed linens, to create long-lasting and pleasant-smelling fabrics. When the fabric is rubbed or agitated, the microcapsules break open, releasing the fragrance.

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